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Giving Some Ideas to Representative Person in Parliament

Having a representative person in parliament is really great. The parliament member will try the best in showing the great work in doing some service for the people.

It can be seen by the great campaign of the member of EU who shows the amazing plan for European Union. The person will try to receive any kinds of idea from the citizens and later it can be discussed in a greater scale of forum.

Just give the inspiration and ideas for European Union as you can get the connection with the representative person in parliament. Make sure that your idea may bring the great progress for European Union and also to the world.

Familiarize Children Eat Fish

It has long been called the fish is very beneficial for the formation of the brain and improving intelligence, even when children grow large. However, children are generally less like fish dish. Parents play a role in the introduction of fish to children. Here are some tips dr.Titi Sekarindah, MS, nutrition apesialis Pertamina Hospital that parents can do:

1. Familiarize yourself or introduce children early to eat fish. If not for a main dish, the fish can serve as the variety of foods, such as the brain or pempek. Fish is also great used as a school lunch. For example, the content created as a fish sandwich. Continue reading

How to Make Children Want to Eat Vegetables

Vegetables are an important food for consumption. Children must also be willing to consume these foods. However, tend tastes tasteless, difficult to ask children to consume. What can you do to make your child want to eat? According to the researchers is easy enough; smile while eating.

Quoted by Reuters, a group of French scientists doing research on the reactions of adults and children in the perceived image of people who were eating. The results, said that the way adults with young children assess the object of people eat differently. Continue reading

Walnut Nuts, Healthy Sources of Antioxidants

The last years of antioxidants on the rise. The benefits that can neutralize free radicals and prevent damage caused by free radicals that supplements containing antioxidants are always in demand.

But you do not need supplements if you know a food that is rich in antioxidants. One of them is nuts. In a gram of walnut were 70 units of polyphenols, an antioxidant, which is much higher than other nuts. Polyphenols are also known to 15 times more powerful than the antioxidants found in vitamin E. Continue reading