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7 Early Signs Stress Attack

Stress is not always marked with a grim face, empty, persistent crying, irritability, or frustration. What are the symptoms experienced by some people who are stressed. But before reaching that stage there is a sign of the early symptoms of stress attacks.

1. Trouble sleeping. Be careful if you find it difficult to sleep without a good reason. Many people who have trouble sleeping at night because they are constantly thinking about different things that might not work perfectly, and still regret it. Quite often awake at night, and it’s hard to go back to sleep.

2. Pains. Research shows that one in mind of stress can cause changes in all processes that occur in the human body. The pain and pain is actually a reaction of the body against all fatigue. If you felt you should be careful not to stress and illness.

3. Not excited. The mind is one thing that is needed to carry out various activities. Stress not only affects the processes in the human body, but also on cell regeneration system of the body.Inhibited regeneration of cells, require more energy to produce new cells to regenerate. As a result, the energy for physical activity is less.

4. Not the focus. Stress influence on your mind, including the focus on something. Have you ever thought about many things at a time? For example, you think about a new job, and two minutes later you think of something else before the first assignment. This behavior will not only make you stressed, because your work is not finished, but will also solve a lot of work piling concentration. If not addressed, could lead to high stress levels.

5. Thinking is not clear. Have you ever mistaken for something to express in words or writing a report? Or often mistaken for a starting job? This is a sign that you are affected by stress.Adrenaline and cortisol into the system current is your brains at high speed, or so-called inhibition of cortisol, which means we do not have access to parts of the brains that are responsible for making decisions, problem solving and creative thinking.

6. Loss of sense of humor. When in stress symptoms, you will think about things too seriously. Think of the times when you can laugh at all the mistakes you did, and when you smile spontaneously as a result of a variety of exciting things. For stress, begin our narrow perspective and we begin to see things from a serious side.

7. Negative thinking. You see the good in others? If you have more chance of a person from the negative side right, so be careful. Many people do not realize that this trend is actually an early symptom of stress. For stress, our mind becomes clear and tend to think about bad things about others.
It’s good, recognize these signs that you quickly realize that you are experiencing stress. If you have stress, take a deep breath, and break for a moment of activity you’re doing. Once the mind cleared, return to your previous activity.

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