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Healthy Life Tips - Achieve Perfect Health for Your Life

8 Principles of Healthy Eating Ala Indian Culture

Everyone should eat to the smooth running of operations to support and maintain sustainability. However, on the other hand, can also cause food that we get sick, such as obesity and digestive disorders.

Application of healthy eating culture is actually as old as antiquity.One of them contained in a book from India, Ayurveda. The basic principle of Ayurveda is to reduce the incidence of the disease bybalancing body, mind, spirit and environment. Here are 8 (eight) the principles of healthy eating style of Indian culture:

1. Always eat fresh food and serve while still warm. As attractive as possible that the cause taste, odor, and create aesthetic tastes.

2. Make sure that the food is rich in herbs and spices, and the use of different materials Rasas balance. Cook in a calm state of mind.

3. Do not start eating when stressed or emotional.

4. Before you start eating, focus your attention on food, how the body energy. Take the hope that the information contained in these foods for health, strength and balance. You can also say a prayer for the mind to calm.

5. Food should not be too slow or too fast. Do not talk with food in the mouth.

6. Leave a space of at least four hours between breakfast and lunch and 10 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. For dinner,at least two hours before bedtime.

7. Drink water half hour before or half hour after eating. Do not drink while you eat.

8. Eat enough to fill two-thirds of your stomach. Do not fill your stomach full of food. With overeating, food will remain undigestedin the stomach and intestines, leading to the formation of toxicity.

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