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About Cancer that You Should Know

Cancer has been one of the dangerous illnesses in the world. There are numerous people are with cancer to live their day with their limited ability. Because of cancer, many people are suffered in living their normal life. There is some kind of cancer which is not known until it becomes so serious. And when it has become so serious, sometimes it has been difficult to find the cure. That is why people should be exposed to the knowledge of cancer and the symptoms. Because there are many kinds of cancer, people should understand many things about each cancer.

Cancer itself is the growth of malignant cells in our body. Genetic degeneration of the cells happens continuously because of the environmental factors like radiations of electromagnet equipment or because of genetic process when excessive consumption of cigarettes and alcohol which can affect our body so much. Most of cancers are caused by the environmental factors where body is exposed to radiation exposure or chemical exposure. Genetic factors happen to 10% of cancer cases. These factors can affect the genetic code to rise as the cancer stem cell which can develop into a tumor by mitosis process.

Tumor can affect eh organ of a body in which it grows. Cancer stem cells move to another tissue by the movement of the blood or lymph which is called as metastasis. These diseased cells can grow into massively in another new tissue which can be new cancerous tumors in new tissues. A cancerous growth can happen in brain, liver, breast, throat, lung, etc.Cancer symptoms are not the same in each different kind of cancer. The symptoms depend on the tissues in which the cancer cells live. However, in most cases, cancer can be detected through radiology which uses electromagnetic waves. The cancer can be screened at early stage so that people can get effective diagnosis.

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