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Any Children Have Different Communication Styles

Communication between parents of children who also stopped due to lack of attention and understanding. So the parents should be more sensitive to the tendency of the child’s communication style. In this way children feel comfortable talking to you, especially when faced with various problems he encountered. Children also fulfilled his need for attention and affection that the parents presented with a convenient and effective.

“There are children who fulfilled his need for attention and affection, just to cuddle. But there are also children who feel they have made for her parents the presence of her father. Every child is unique, they have different communication styles. Parents have the child communication style to recognize, to put something in a more precise and striking, “said Becky Tumewu, communications practitioners and founders of schools of public speaking, TALKinc, when parents talk with program participants Daycare PT Unilever Indonesia in Jakarta some time ago.

According to Becky, there are five languages ​​of love that the parents must be recognized, especially in establishing communication with their children. Namely, praise, touch, gifts, services, and presence.

Every child, even within a family may have different needs and communication styles. Therefore, says Becky, a different style of communication to the brother with the sister for example. Moreover, the communication styles between one family with another family.

“The style of communication you have with your cousin apply instance, can not be generalized. You can not be a communication style that successfully your cousin in the family, children at home. Laying because every child has different needs,” he out.

Children who like prizes, if you do not feel it provided more often give a gift or a toy example. Because of this child, the words of praise are positive showing the attention of her parents’ example.

By observing children’s behavior, parents can identify the language of love more noticeable in the child. You will easily transfer your plans for the child, if it is the character and style of communication to recognize. Especially in showing affection and attention. That way a parent-child communication at home smoothly, due to a mutual understanding.

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