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Attention, Lights Sleeping Make ‘Mood’ horrible!

It is often asked why when you wake up in the morning, the body feels tired and even less experience fresh or moody.

A factor to note is the lighting during nighttime sleep.

Recently, scientists discovered a link between the results of lighting effects at night with sleep quality. They say, poor sleep, but only weak, greatly affects the structure of our brains because automatically trigger depression.

And television exposure, light sleep all an effect on our mental health, experts say.

Several animal studies have shown the influence of light on the behavior of humans and animals. Take, for example as hamsters exposed to dim light during the night showed symptoms of depression than those who do not.

Other tests showed differences in the structure of the brain region called the hippocampus.

Tracy Bower, a researcher said: “The hippocampus plays an important role in this problem (depression), so try to change habits.”

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