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Bathing wear Wheat Eliminate Itching

The most common cause of itching is dry skin. Because itmoisturizes the skin is the key to control itching. One way to get theskin moist and reduce the itching is to bathe wheat.

Wheat pools is done by wrapping a handful of grain in a piece offabric. Then the cloth is boiled in a cooking oats. Use the ”wheatsponge” when beredam in half a tub of hot water lukewarm.

The same effect can also be obtained from starch and soda bath.The trick, put about a quarter kilogram of baking soda and one pound of starch to wash clothes in a tub with warm water lukewarm.Stir well and was without the use of soap.

If itching still occur, consult a doctor because the itching can be asign of illness. Itching can also occur due to hookworm larvae are parasites penetrate the skin.

Emotional stress can also cause or increase the itching,regardless of the cause of stress. This condition is known aspsychogenic itching.

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