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Beer Really Healthy?

Beer is the third most popular drink in the world, after water and tea. This drink is also known as the oldest drinks and was made long before recorded history. Even though beer can be intoxicating, but have touted the health benefits.
The nations of Western countries is a real beer drinker. It was almost no activity with no beer, ranging from watching football, playing cards, collector-collector at the bar, barbecue parties and other special events.

Generally, beer is made from a mixture of water, corn or wheat, fruit and yeast. The process of making beer is called brewing. The process begins with soaking wheat seeds to germinate (malted) and then heated to produce sugars and flavors. Some brewers sometimes use rice or corn and additional uses of fruits, herbs and spices to produce a unique flavor.

The next process is to mix the seed sprouts, grains are not heated in the water. The resulting sugars and starch solution is then poured and difermensikan to beer.Brightness of the color of beer depends on the level of roasting. The color of dark beer comes from wheat baked into something darker.

Alcohol in beer is not so much compared to other alcoholic beverages such as vodka or whiskey. Alcohol in beer varies from less than 3 percent to 40 percent (by volume) depending on the type and production techniques.
Make healthy

Although classified as a drink, but several studies have shown a beer, like wine, if consumed in moderate doses can be healthy for the body. The basic ingredients of beer making is a source of carbohydrates, B vitamins and potassium.
“The scientific evidence says alcohol, any form, the level of good cholesterol and heart attack risk by 30 percent,” says Eric Rimm, ScD, a researcher at Harvard University.

He also said that alcohol may improve insulin sensitivity and diabetes risk. Because the beer also contain high enough liquids, beer consumption also reduces the risk of kidney stones. In small doses of alcohol may also smoother blood circulation.

Must still be considered as a healthy dose of beer, ie no more than two doses of the drink. The recommended dose is 12 grams (equivalent to 1.5 cups) of beer per day.

“Excessive use the health benefits of beer barriers and increase the risk of liver disease, cancer, liver cirrhosis, alcohol and obesity kecandungan” says Rimm, members of the committee Dieteray Guidelines for 2010.
He also suggested that beer is not consumed by high-calorie foods, including snacks (snacks) are usually available when viewing a sporting event or a casual chat.

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