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Beware 15 Signs of Cancer

Cancer is a scourge for anyone. This disease may occur at any time and can affect anyone without showing any symptoms or signs.

Among the many types of cancer, there are no symptoms early in its development. Signs usually appear only after the cancer is growing rapidly. In fact, with alert and find the cancer early symptoms, duration of treatment will be relatively easy.

If it is too late, when the cancer can spread to various organs and complicate the healing process. Therefore, it helps us to recognize some of the symptoms of cancer following. Symptoms of cancer are extremely diverse and can vary in each state and each patient. At least 15 cancer symptoms you need to look out for:

1. Changes in the breast
For women in particular, the breast is one of the most intimate organ. It is important to check the status of the breast regularly.Lumps, thickening and discoloration of the skin becomes red warrants concern as an indication of cancer. Itching, peeling or rash on the chest for weeks should also be aware. Another change in the skin of the breast, such as swelling, skin drawn into, or contract, must also be suspected as a symptom.

For men, vigilance must be applied because breast cancer can strike even though this is rare. Any lumps in the breast should have to watch, especially if the nipple discharge.

2. Unusual pain
As age increases, more often you feel pain. The pain is constant and the unusual can be a sign of cancer. Moreover, the pain is not caused injury or illness has never felt before.

3. Changes in the testes
Testicular cancer / testis appear often in men aged 20-39 years.Any change in testicular size or larger or smaller, should always be careful. Similarly, if there is swelling or heaviness in the scrotum. Sometimes testicular cancer can develop very quickly so it would be better if you know as soon as possible.

4. Changes in the lymph nodes
If you notice any lumps or swelling, or in the armpit or neck or anywhere, so beware! Furthermore, if the capital was increasingly day by day and long-term, even more than a month.

5. Fever
In addition to marking a variety of diseases such as pneumonia, throat infections, fever may also indicate cancer. The American Cancer Society said the fever is a symptom that occurs in the blood cancer at an early stage, particularly leukemia or lymphoma. Many times, fever occurs when the cancer has spread to other organs.

6. Sudden drastic weight loss
Weight loss is sudden (more than 10 percent of body weight) and beyond expectations without its own efforts in a short period of time should be aware of. Usually drastic weight reduction is associated with colon cancer or cancer of the digestive organs.

7. Abdominal pain disorders and depression
Any man who has suffered from depression accompanied by abdominal pain disorders should be examined further because the experts have found no relationship between depression and pancreatic cancer.

8. Excessively tired
Such as fever, excessive fatigue that does not improve with rest can also be a symptom of cancer. Usually this condition occurs after the cancer develops, but it can also occur in the early phase of leukemia or colon cancer.

9. Cough will not go away
The cough is always associated with the flu and allergies.However, a persistent cough in a long time, about three or four weeks, must be considered because it could be a symptom of cancer or a sign of other problems such as chronic inflammation of the lungs.

10. It is hard to swallow
Do not underestimate this condition. Difficulty swallowing food or always felt something stuck in the esophagus may indicate cancer of the digestive tract, such as cancer of the esophagus.

11. Changes in skin
You must pay attention not only changes in moles, but skin pigmentation. Bleeding into the skin or peeling large in a few weeks and can not be lost is a sign of skin cancer.

12. Bleeding in places that should not be
When you see all the blood of the body that should not have, such as coughing or vomiting blood, bleeding in stools and urine, it’s time to see a doctor and find the cause as soon as possible because it could cause cancer.

13. Changes in the mouth
If you smoke or chew tobacco, be warned if there are white patches in the mouth, or white spots are not lost on the tongue, because it is a sign of leukoplakia (an area where cancer haswas before it appears), which may be oral cancer if irritation continues.

14. Problems with urination
The age of a man, urination problems is becoming more and more experienced. Could occur Lampia feeling when urinating, inability to hold urine, even the frequency of more frequent urination. Be wary if the situation does not improve and gets worse as it could be a sign of cancer, but an enlarged prostate in old age could also be the cause.

15. Indigestion
Indigestion are constantly and repeatedly may indicate cancer of the esophagus, throat or stomach. Especially among women, an unusual feeling of bloating accompanied by abdominal bloating that often feel full and can not eat should be wary of symptoms such as ovarian cancer.

Give a little time to observe and love yourself. Would not it be nice if your health problems resolved as soon as possible? Hope this guide can make you more alert in recognizing the symptoms of cancer before it’s too late.

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