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Beware Disease Trigeminal Neuralgia

If you suddenly feel my face like an electric shock or tingling or pain in the teeth felt momentarily and repeatedly, do not rush to come to the dentist, let alone ask revoked. Because, maybe you have a rare disease, which is trigeminal neuralgia. This disease is a disorder of the facial nerve or the head of the fifth nerve.
Trigeminal neuralgia or nerve pain is pain that occurs in the area of ​​the nerve (nerve) of the trigeminal nerve. Trigeminal called because it has three branches, namely the ophthalmic branch (covering the eye area and forehead), maxillary (serving the cheek, upper jaw and upper teeth), and the mandibular branch (serving area under the lower jaw and teeth). These three branches are gathered in a collection of nerve cells called the trigeminal ganglion from will continue in the brainstem.
Because it has three branches, the pain may spread to the area provides. There are a pain in the forehead, eyes, teeth, skin of the face, cheeks or tongue. The pain of each person affected by this disease varies its location.
Siloam Hospital neurologist, Kebon Jeruk, Dr. Anthony Adinatha, say, the pain inflicted because of contiguity nerves with blood vessels. Contiguity of the blood vessels due to the location of blood vessels adjacent to the nerve.
“Persenggolan cause irritation of the nerves that trigger the onset of the spark plug, electric shock is felt as pain or tingling, as if derived from the skin of the face or teeth,” said Dr. Anthony.
Not only because of the contiguity of blood vessels, 10-15 percent of trigeminal neuralgia, as well as stress caused by other diseases such as tumors or other masses, and nerve damage due to multiple sclerosis (inflammation of the brain and spinal cord due to an autoimmune).
“This disease has nothing to do with a toothache. The patient, like the detection of this disease as a toothache, “he said.
The disease is not common. The prevalence is estimated at 107.5 for males and 200.2 for women per 1 million inhabitants.The disease is more common on the right side of the face that the left side with 3:02 ratio. About 10 percent of these cases occurred before the age of forty.
Type of disease is difficult to heal. Anthony said the doctor, who conducted the current treatment is with medications, injections, and irradiation with modern facilities and operations. Drugs are administered only serves to block pain without turning off the nerve so that these drugs must be taken for life if the patient does not feel pain.
Meanwhile, for the injection and irradiation is used to turn off the nerve. When the nerve is off, the pain was gone. This action does not interfere with other nerves, but the patient will feel numbness in the area of ​​dead nerves. Injection should be granted the nerve pain except the pain will stay there.
Dr. Anthony said, because the disease is severe intensity, “do not be surprised if the patient often wanted to kill me.”

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