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Chest Pain Not Always Heart Attack

room for fear that it is a symptom of heart attack.In fact, the chest pain does not always mean a heart attack or stroke mycocardial.

However, mild chest pain not be ignored because it is discovered that can also be an indicator of heart problems.

“If the chest pain was not too heavy, but does not mean that instead of a heart attack,” he said. Anna Marie Chang, researchers and clinicians in the emergency room (ER), Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Conducted a study of 3300 patients who came to the emergency room. Using a scale of 0-10, with 0 describing no pain and 10 as very ill, Chang and his team then studied the health of patients’ for 30 days to see if there are heart disease related events.

Patients with severe chest pain was not hit by a heart attack or experienced in the month compared with patients who have pain lighter. The pain is still felt so far is not an indicator of heart attack.

The chest pain due to distrust. Pain is a warning of serious health problems, such as peptic ulcer or a tear in which the aorta is the main vessels of the heart.

“The cause of chest pain can not be a heart attack, but it could be something serious,” he said. James Feldman, a doctor in the emergency room of Boston Medical Center.

Classic symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain or stress, but other symptoms are shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and fainting. In addition to pain due to heart attacks do not always exist in the chest.

“The pain may arise in the chest, arm, jaw, back or stomach and can vary in each patient,” said Dr.Rajiv Gulati, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic.

Although the results of research Chang has not shown any chest pain is a symptom of heart attack, but chest pain that can not be seen as a major symptom. ”First aid can save lives,” said Gulati.

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