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Children are less likely to bring Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a genetic disease caused by a deficiency of blood coagulation factors. Hemophilia A occurs when. An anomaly in the gene for the absence of coagulation factor VIII (FVII) Meanwhile hemophilia B caused by a deficiency of coagulation factor IX (FIX). Hemophilia A and B are indistinguishable, since they have similar clinical appearance and a similar pattern of inheritance of genes. The disease is not contagious, but it is difficult to cure or life.

Physical abnormalities depending bleeding will be a bruise on the head or extrinitis. and so often hemartrasi. Of course, there is an area of ​​bruising pain. Rarely gangrene. Bleeding menyebabk muscular interstitial movement can be interrupted and sometimes causes peripheral neuritis.

There are two types of hemophilia:
- Type A, or classic hemophilia, is a deficiency of factor VIII clotting
- Type B is caused by a deficiency of factor IX. These factors are proteins in the blood, which causes problems in the coagulation.

Hemophilia is perhaps the result of a mutation in the gene for factor VIII and IX. And the mutation in the X chromosome

Men marry women with hemophilia health

You think. To the basic principles of heredity Women have a pair of sex chromosomes X and X. While men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome produced in this view, when he gave the X chromosome, the offspring are girls. When he donated the Y chromosome, joined the young child was.

In other words, every girl a carrier of hemophilia (DRC), the X chromosome inherited from their father, said to be the type of hemophilia. And all the guys will not be affected by hemophilia, because the Y chromosome inherited from his father.

Women married to men with hemophilia health

If you have a child, the child has developed the ability to Hemophilia 50 percent. Receive it depends on the position of the X chromosome in children. When the boy was normal X chromosome inherited from the mother, so he did not. About the characteristics of Hemophilia But if you inherit one X-chromosome carrier of the hemophilia gene from the mother, it brings nature of hemophilia.

When she was a girl, the girl took the type of hemophilia is also 50 percent. Children will be normal if the normal X chromosome inherited from the mother. Instead, he can bring the nature of the X chromosome inherited Hemophilia Hemophilia when Mother Nature.

Although the majority is due to genetic factors, there are cases in which a child with hemophilia and their parents is born healthy families. “It is possible that if there is a mutation in the fetus,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Hemophilia, Professor Djajadiman Billy, SpA (K), in conversation with hemophilia welcome to the world all day on 17 April.

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