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Early Detection Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus or accumulation of fluid in the brain that causes the baby’s head could swell prevented and detected with a simple way,namely by measuring head circumference.

“At the time of the control infants every month, usually control the circumference of the head. In addition also a high tracking weight loss,” said dr. Diah Pramit, SpA

Diah said the measure goes to the baby, it can be done by anyone, provided they know the right way. A simple way is to use a tape measure garment / fabric.
“So through the head circumference was measured around the eyebrows going around behind your head, find the back of the head of the highlights. Then measure, called the circumference of the head” explained.
He added that the circumference of the head of the baby increases with age. ”So we draw the circumference of the head digrafik. If he began to deviate, exceeds the maximum limit should be suspected of any abnormality, such as hydrocephalus,” he said.

When well, the next steps you need to do is perform a thorough examination, such as CT-scan to determine if indeed there is disorder or hydrocephalus occurs.

“If a mild disorder, doctors will suck the fluid in the brain of infants and babies can grow up healthy. Hidrosefalusnya When the weight will be difficult to recover,” said Diah.

The causes vary
The cause of hydrocephalus vary. However, the most common congenital anomalies are due to infection caused by toxoplasmosis. ”If an infection is usually dikandungan when the baby was born with hydrocephalus. Most times is usually,” he added.

What is important to note is not hereditary hydrocephalus. This disease can be prevented by regular inspections before and during pregnancy. ”TORCH test can also be an alternative to prevent a child with disabilities,” said Diah.
“So before pregnancy the mother should have ensured he is healthy. N infections that can cause birth defects. The majority of women screened, if you are pregnant. So it’s too late,” he said.

In addition, it is equally important to maintain nutrient intake. The lack of specific nutrients or a particular component can lead to abnormalities in the baby, including abnormalities in the brain.

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