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Familiarize Children Eat Fish

It has long been called the fish is very beneficial for the formation of the brain and improving intelligence, even when children grow large. However, children are generally less like fish dish. Parents play a role in the introduction of fish to children. Here are some tips dr.Titi Sekarindah, MS, nutrition apesialis Pertamina Hospital that parents can do:

1. Familiarize yourself or introduce children early to eat fish. If not for a main dish, the fish can serve as the variety of foods, such as the brain or pempek. Fish is also great used as a school lunch. For example, the content created as a fish sandwich.
2. Sport fishing is right and good, so that the child likes.Sometimes, the least accurate of the kitchen that still leaves a fishy smell, so that children are reluctant to eat. Thus, parents must learn to cultivate good fish.

3. If you can, eat fish three times a week, every 50 grams.

4. For children, look for a stickleback is not much and if I were a dipresto, so children are not traumatized by fish bones. Children usually do not want to eat fish again after exposure of fish bones.

5. Apart from fish, children should also be encouraged to eat the other. Teach kids to eat well balanced, especially fruits, vegetables and milk.

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