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Glass of Wine Each Day Could Healthy

Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for health. But if we know the limits of alcohol consumption, particularly wine is healthy, especially for women.

Recent studies show that people aged 50 years and consume a little wine on a regular basis when the dinner hour are more likely to prevent diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease than those who drink to excess.

A large study concluded that the impact of wine consumption in moderate amounts can make the spirit of a stronger person, body shape and be in better mental health. Even so, experts say the study should not be used to justify that alcohol is always good for health.

According to researchers, excellent health is also associated with other factors, such as management of a healthy diet and regular exercise. They also show that alcohol can cause people who are elderly are most at risk of falling.

Researchers at Harvard University studied 120 000 nurses aged 58 years (group of moderate drinkers) and observed their medical history until the age of 70.

The results showed nearly 11 percent of those who tread 70, a good health. They are known to be free of 11 types of diseases that commonly encountered in old age, such as cancer, stroke, heart attack and diabetes.

They also mentally strong, far from Alzheimer’s disease and physically fit. This also applies to those who consume alcohol regularly with mild to moderate doses, as reported in the journal PLoS Medicine. Researchers say drink 15g to 30g of alcohol a day can improve overall health in a few years later by 28 percent, mainly drink wine.

The researchers recommend that women can consume 15 g of alcohol per day (to avoid the possibility of breast cancer). This amount is equivalent to about two glasses of wine, and has the potential to improve health in old age (nearly 20 per cent).

The study also showed that daily consumption of alcohol is more profitable than just occasionally or twice a week. According to them, daily drinkers are 50 percent more likely to have a healthy old age than those who never drank.

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