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How to Make Children Want to Eat Vegetables

Vegetables are an important food for consumption. Children must also be willing to consume these foods. However, tend tastes tasteless, difficult to ask children to consume. What can you do to make your child want to eat? According to the researchers is easy enough; smile while eating.

Quoted by Reuters, a group of French scientists doing research on the reactions of adults and children in the perceived image of people who were eating. The results, said that the way adults with young children assess the object of people eat differently.

Adults to assess the proportion of food through the body of the room. If existing models in the photo is a large body, the respondents would reject if given the same food as the one pictured. On the contrary, if the slim model, respondents tend to be interested. While the children how to judge a photo contains a person eats has a more complex reaction.

If food is in the picture and offered to children who were accomplices of the respondents, such as chocolate, no matter their body size of the model, who would be willing to accept the food. If food is in the photo is not her favorite food, body size of the model was very influential, which increasingly will be rejected if the pattern of body fat.

Not only that, it was an expression of people who are taking food also affects the child’s curiosity to try a meal. Photos of people who eat with happy expressions and not managed to get kids interested in trying the food, body shape does not matter they eat.By contrast, pictures of people eating with the expression of displeasure with the same foods that children are reluctant to try.

That is, for adults, body size eaters have an influence on the direction of adults to consume. As children, the need for expression and type of food to persuade the child willing to try certain foods, and factors of body size which is only a little effect.

According to Sylvie Rousset, representatives of these scientists, the results of this research beyond their expectations, because there is no study that says that an expression of others affect the curiosity of children. From these results, according to Rousset, parents can take advantage of that by eating healthy foods, try taking it with an expression of happy and liked the food.

“Despite a person’s eating habits are quite complex, but these studies can reveal differences in psychosocial factors that shape children’s attitudes toward food and eating habits of the long term,” said Rousset.

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