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How to Remove Stretch Marks: The Latest Medical Breakthroughs.

How to remove stretch marks: Stretch marks are those dark lines that are make wearing shorts, miniskirts, and bathing suits an embarrassing ordeal. Stretch marks are dark fine lines or groves found on a person’s skin. These dark lines, are in fact scars on the skin.
Stretch marks are the result of prompt skin growth. Several kinds of skin growth can result in stretch marks. Going through puberty, becoming pregnant, or gaining a lot of weight can lead to skin stretching and thus, stretch marks as a result. On average, nearly 70 to 90 percent of pregnant women will have stretch marks because of the rapid skin growth their bodies endure during the last months of pregnancy.
Even though stretch marks can appear all over the body, they tend to show up in places where body fat accumulates, such as the legs, belly, and arms. Although unpleasant to look at, these marks aren’t dangerous and thanks to some new medical breakthroughs, the hope for reducing and removal of stretch marks is very real. Here are some things to consider.

How to prevent them: Getting stretch marks is a way of life, unless one plans on never growing up, or having children. Some preventive measures can lessen the appearance of them. Drinking lots of water is always a good idea; because water helps, the skin replaces valuable cells and can help release harmful toxins in the body. Be careful about rapid weight gain, keep track of what you eat, and try to engage in 30 minutes of exercise a day. There are also options like stretch mark creams to help lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Some people claim that sunless self-tanners can help reduce stretch marks, and body make-up can help hide those marks. Be sure to use body make-up that is water resistant when going in the pool.

How to remove them: There are plenty of creams, lotions, and potions out on the market claiming to reduce or eliminate stretch marks, but they can be costly and are often ineffective. The best way to eliminate stretch marks is to have them professionally removed by a Dermatologist or by a plastic surgeon. A Dermatologist can get rid of stretch marks by utilizing several different surgery options.

Microdermabrasion: While using a special hand held device, Microdermabrasion blows crystals on the the skin to shave down surface. The purpose is that new skin will grow and thus no more stretch marks. This procedure works best on older stretch marks.
Excimer laser: This laser treatment involves using a device that changes the SM skin pigment. The process, called repigmentation, stimulates melanin growth. The hope is that the color of the SM will become lighter and over time match the surrounding skin. Although these treatments can be effective, they tend to be costly and most insurance companies will not cover them. It is best to speak to a Dermatologist or doctor and decide what the best treatment options are. Once those marks are gone, they won’t come back.

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