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Long-Term Stress Brain shrinking

Reputation of stress as the cause of the guard cells in the body is slow security has long been known. But the impact of stress on health is not all. Stress also causes the brains shrink a long time.

There are many causes of stress, such an unhappy marriage, a job less stressful, traumatic events, to trivial issues such as congestion.If chronic stress is left then the impact is particularly damaging to the brains.

When the body releases stress chemicals. In the long term, these substances are toxic to brain tissue, it may even kill brain cells and chemicals called corticosteroids were plentiful and long.

Corticosteroids are actually required by the body to the speed of response to increasing threats and often referred to resist or escape response (fight or flight), by suppressing the immune system and increase the amount of sugar in the blood.

Hippocampus, a part of the brains that are responsible for memory formation, is most vulnerable to stress. That is why experts believe stress is closely related to the onset of dementia.

The scientists discovered a condition that brains shrink as they perform brain scans of patients suffering from post-traumatic stress of 9 / 11 attacks. The smaller size of the hippocampus was almost the same as the size of the brains of elderly patients with dementia.

Even so, experts said the results of this study may be too early to conclude the effects of stress on the brains, because the number of respondents is too small.

While some studies have found that veterans suffering from post-traumatic syndrome also suffer from serious brain disorders.

The survey also revealed the stress experienced midlife, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease increase. They are often under stress and anxiety are also two times higher risk of suffering from dementia.

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