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Looking For Freelance Courier Work This Summer?


For many a free spirit, freelance courier work sounds like the ideal job: no comittments, no need to report to the office at eight a.m., no need to be cooped up in an office, constant action, activity and movement, as well as the flexibility to work where you want wearing what you want– going places and getting paid for it!

Being a wonderful job, chances are many think that the competition for this job can be quite stiff and there is no place for newbies. They would be wrong!

There are many jobs aavailable as long as you know where to look. Here are three of these potential courier work sources!

Courier Companies

While courier companies will often look of regular and permanent employees to make their deliveries, it still makes sense to check them out for courier work. After all, there will be times when the number of delivery jobs far exceed the number of their regular staff- they will consider giving you courier work from the ones that are unassigned and no one else can handle.

Of course, you will still need to prove your suitability and reliability in order to be trusted to handle their regular clients. What you can look forward to, however, is learning the various secrets and tips for more effective work from the other regular couriers that have been there longer and more regularly.

What’s more, getting regular courier work from an existing courier company frees you from the hassle of deciding pricing, going through invoicing and other steps you will need to take in order to do the job properly!

Local Businesses

You don’t really need to go searching high and low for courier work. In fact, in some cases, you may not even have to leave your neighborhood to find freelance courier work!  Anywhere there are local businesses and offices is a great place to start looking for courier work. Local merchants, businessmen and service providers will definitely always have a need for people to deliver packages and documents.

In order to be able to get courier work from local businesses, you will need a systematic, strategic approach, Start out by getting some business cards printed and make the rounds of the local malls, shopping centers and business and trade centres to give them away. Don’t be stingy with the cards–  they may be a little more expensive to print out than flyers, but many report that cards are more often kept when handed to people, while flyers are more often thrown away.

Merchant, shopkeepers and sellers aren’t the only businesses that source courier work. You will want to check out other types of small to medium businesses such as law practices, medical clinics, aestheticians and more!

Wanted  Ads

Wanted ads are also a good source for courier work– whether it is the offline kind such as the deli message board, posters on larger bulletins, listings on the local newspaper or neighborhood magazine- or online on the different marketing sites, courier forums, courier exchanges, online market and classifieds such as Craigslist and the like.

These are just three sources– there are many more if you try!

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