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Lose Weight Without Diets

Although there are many modes diet can help you lose weight, but some of them are considered less effective because it makes you feel less hunger and food intake.

The execution of a slimming program does not mean you reduce your intake of fast food or eating. If you want to slim the healthy way and not painful, try the following strategies:

1. More to chew on

Studies show that the longer time you spend to chew, the less amount of calories you consume. Chewing longer prevent a person too much to eat the brains by giving more time to receive signals from a full stomach. It’s not only good for digestion, but also helps in reducing your portion sizes. Try chewing food 35 to 50 times in the mouth.

2. Do not miss breakfast

Close as any activity or work, you must squeeze in time for breakfast. Remember, your body is not the brains. The body has a couple of times a day tank. If you miss breakfast, you will feel so hungry at lunch time, so you tend to overeat or to opt for unhealthy foods. Skipping breakfast can slow down the metabolic processes in the body.

3. Concentration on the food

How many times have you reprimanded by their parents not to speak, read or watch TV while eating? Reprimand is not without reason. Because, when you eat while you talk or watch television, your brains will not focus on the amount of food you consume and you are more likely to eat more.

4. Not over-cook

Cooking food for too long will kill or reduce the amount of nutrients. And if you do not get enough nutrients, you will not be satisfied and look for an unhealthy snack. To overcome this, try eating more raw foods like salads, and avoid using the microwave.

5. Consumption of vegetables before eating

Encouraged to eat fruit at least 30 minutes before a heavy meal.In this way, the fruits are rapidly digested. Fruit eating when the stomach is empty will help detoxify and deliver more energy to lose weight.

6. Little to eat, but often

Ideally you should eat 5-6 times a day. Eat more often better to keep your metabolism to keep working at higher levels throughout the day. However, this rule is not used as an excuse to overeat.

7. Stop eating after twenty

Stop eating after twenty by the best way to get the habit of snacking in the middle of the night to avoid. If you find it difficult to apply it, try drinking a cup of tea or brushing your teeth after eating, and turn your mind off of eating.

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