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Opiates Addiction Best Treatment

For someone to have an addiction to drug, stopping it as soon as possible is for the best. However, just like any other thing, it is easier said than done. It is especially in case of injection drug or opiate addiction, stopping from it is considerably harder. All of that being said, fortunately nowadays we have got methadone maintenance programs in New Jersey to help on opiate addiction.

This maintenance program is considered as the most effective treatment for injection drug users. In fact, the methadone itself is a synthetic agent. It works by occupying the receptor sites of the brain that has affected by the opiates. That treatment will give result to:

  • The opiates effect of sedating and euphoric will be blocked
  • Prevent relapse by relieving the craving for the injection drugs
  • Relieves withdrawal symptom

Since the methadone itself is also a synthetic agent, there is a dosage for it to be taken. Generally, the dosage is only once a day. It is because the methadone excreted slowly within the body. However, there is no need of getting euphoria or sedating effect from it. This is a treatment so it won’t bring things like the drugs do. The treatment will allow those who take on it, to able to work or participate in society normally.

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