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Maximize the Power of Anti-Cancer on Broccoli

Cooking Broccoli improperly can cause the contents to fight cancer in these greens are lost. However, now is a sure way to maximize the fight against cancer broccoli.

Scientists at the University of Illinois, United States, failed to find a way to maximize the power in the fight against cancer in broccoli. The trick involves heating broccoli in certain temperature limits for the substance sulforaphane call cancer is not lost.

Elizabeth Jeffery discovery made that makes the content of sulforaphane in broccoli increases. Sulforaphane is one of the contents most potent cancer contained in the plant. “The content of this work by increasing the enzyme in the liver to destroy cancer substances that enter the body through food or the environment,” she said.

She explained that, to activate the expense of sulforaphane is quite difficult. Sulforphane is related to the sugar molecule through the sulfur bond. When the broccoli enzymes break down sugar to release proteins sulforphane, sulfur binding sulforphane can pass this and make it inactive.

“Although the bacteria in our gut may be issued sulforphane, but not have the enzymes to release the body’s tissues. Therefore it is best to make these enzymes broccoli,” says the professor of food science and nutrition department.

That’s why she and her team do some heating experiments to find out how the issue sulforphane broccoli enzyme is destroyed.

“The heating time of 10 minutes in temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius is the best time to get the contents of the fight against cancer broccoli. For consumers at home, preferably steamed broccoli for 3-4 minutes until feel a little softer, “she said.

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