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Rare Skin infections caused by Tato

A rare bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance found in two new People who do tattoos. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the infection usually found in People who Suffer from disorders of the immune system. Bacterial infections of the skin was triggered by the bacterium Mycobacterium haemophilium are still a family with the bacteria cause tuberculosis and leprosy That. The symptoms of the disease include a small swelling at the site of infection, redness, pain, swelling and peeling. Because the disease is Relatively Rare, tattoo enthusiasts are asked not to worry. However, encouraged to choose a tattoo That gave priority to hygiene and the use of sterile equipment. Meagen Kay from the CDC Revealed, Perhaps Because the bacteria infects the skin with the tattoo needle hurt Because Both men have a normal immune system. As is known, the skin is a Bulwark against infection. Bacterial infections are also resistant to Several antibiotics including ordinary. Time to healing was achieved a month.

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