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Side Effects from Several Medicines

All people will think that to get rid of the diseases or health problems that they face, they need to get the medications and consume them as soon as possible. Well, it cannot be denied that such thing is true. However, you also need to know that the medications are usually made from some chemical matters. Therefore, there might be some side effects that might appear. Here are the examples.

The first one is the Tramadol. We know that Tramadol is a kind of pain killer. However, in addition to the usage of this medicine, there are also some Tramadol side effects. Take the example of constipation, nausea, vomiting, and so on. As for the Metformin side effects, in addition to the function of this medicine in controlling the sugar in the blood for the diabetes type 2 sufferer, this medicine can cause gas, bloating, and uncomfortable feeling in the abdominal area.

Another example is Simvastatin. We know this medicine is commonly used to help the people in decreasing the cholesterol. Of course, by consuming this medicine, the LDL cholesterol level will be low and we can avoid the suffering from the several diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and so forth. However, the Simvastatin side effects are also annoying since it can make us suffer from myalgia and possible liver problems.

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