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Source of stomach fat

Abdominal fat in fact everyone has this. However, in some people, eliminate belly fat stack must be done with an uphill battle. In fact, after a workout, fat cell still would not go.

If this is what we experience, determine whether the fourth leading cause of belly fat is still around us? Because if so, do not be thinking, let us help!

Reason 1: The host-fat foods.
We believe that all the food that goes into your mouth will be directly proportional to the intensity of exercise to do. So, if we are still puzzled by what you do not want to lose belly fat, look at the amount of sugar we consume.

When it comes to sugar, many kinds, ranging from pure sugar, sugar refinerasi until the sugars present in food or drink us. To avoid this, we have to replace them crispier food. In addition to sugar, there are foods made from flour such as bread, pasta, brown rice. These foods cause gas to enter the large intestine. This then makes us feel bloated stomach.

Furthermore, these foods are rich in carbohydrates, once again converted into glucose or sugar when it enters the body. If we do not complete the exercise, the process will be slower than the breakdown of glucose is stored as fat in the muscle.

Cause 2: carbonated beverages.
Soft drinks are beverages containing carbon dioxide. The gas entering the stomach will slow the digestion of food to be piled into fat.

Cause 3: Never do weight training.
University of Pennsylvania studied 164 women who responded. Based on the weight lifting exercise intensity is concluded, respondents are 2 times a week doing weight training for the contraction of 1 hour to 15 per cent of abdominal fat than those without full weight training. Not only that, they are lifting weights also managed to reduce the total amount of fat in the body as much as 4 percent.

Cause 4: Sit-ups are wrong.
In fact, just the standard abdominal if we do well will be of great benefit to the erosion of the fat in the stomach. When he raised his head, shoulders back and make sure we move in a straight motion. Lift your head as you can and feel the stomach to contract.

Remember, do not lift your head with your hand. However, push the shoulders up and put both hands behind the ears. Hold for a few minutes, then returned to the lying position slowly to avoid injury.

We will improve our diet and exercise do not allow the accumulation of abdominal fat is too long.

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