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Stress Make Obama quickly gray hair?

There is a change in the appearance of a number in the United States, President Barack Obama. Her hair looks gray. When asked by the media, he said the change was influenced by genes, because of the stress.

“My grandfather started when he was 29 years old, gray. So a question of time when it happened to me. Incidentally, this hair color changes during my tenure as president,” he said as quoted by ABC News.

Obama’s answer seems diplomatically. But biologically, gray hair that’s faster indeed strongly influenced by heredity, especially at the age of Obama, who got 50 years. At that age, 50 percent of men experience perubanan in most of their hair.

In an article published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2005 reported that Caucasian hair on average 30 years aging in middle age, while Asians at the end of the age of 30 years, and Africans in the middle of the 40 years. Obama, whose mother is white and his father’s bloody Africa, began to change the hair color to the end of the age of 40 years.

With regard to the impact of stress on the hair color change, it appears the experts disagree. Scientific evidence that stress causes people to gray are also unconvincing.

According to the biologist Gerald Weissmann, editor, senior biology FASEB Journal, to date there is no literature that says that stress makes your hair gray faster.

“Look at the hair of young people in conflict areas or soldiers who fought. Their hair was not gray, but chastened every day stress. Even more gray hair was instrumental in bringing about the gene,” he said.

However, not everyone agrees with the conclusions Weissmann.According to Andrzej Slominski, a dermatologist, genetic indeed a great influence on the onset of gray hair, but there is scientific evidence that environmental factors like stress also influential states.

“There is a link between stress and gray hair. This phenomenon has never appeared after the Second World War when the hair of the soldiers was suddenly visible gray,” he said.
Meanwhile, according to other experts, the impact of stress on the hair as a result of stress hormones that the production of free radicals is activated. This causes damage to the hair pigment.
In addition, stress also affects the body as suppress the immune system, cause digestive disorders, and hypertension. Experts say, the change also affects the hair follicles.
Although the primary cause of the appearance of gray hair at a young age is not known with certainty, the theory remains the same occurrence of gray hair. It happens because hair follicles begin to mature and gradually lose the pigment cells that give color to the hair. When the hair was black or another color loss, replacement often white or gray hair.

Hair that is colored white or gray is actually still the same with your hair so long, but now no longer a color. At first glance it looks gray hair because unlike others who have dyed hair.

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