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7 Black Healthy Foods

Black is often considered inferior to the white. But do not try to use the same formula on the nutritional content of food is black.Food sources of dark color usually contain more antioxidants which is very powerful to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

“The fruit has more antioxidants than black, because the darker color, the higher is the pigment that comes from anthocyanins,” said Cy Lee, PhD, professor of food chemistry at Cornell University.

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Walnut Nuts, Healthy Sources of Antioxidants

The last years of antioxidants on the rise. The benefits that can neutralize free radicals and prevent damage caused by free radicals that supplements containing antioxidants are always in demand.

But you do not need supplements if you know a food that is rich in antioxidants. One of them is nuts. In a gram of walnut were 70 units of polyphenols, an antioxidant, which is much higher than other nuts. Polyphenols are also known to 15 times more powerful than the antioxidants found in vitamin E. Continue reading