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10 Breast cancer-fighting foods

A healthy lifestyle is key in preventing disease. Several studies have demonstrated the application of a healthy lifestyle, active balanced and able to keep a person from the threat of terrible diseases such as cancer.

For Eve, a cancer is a scourge of breast cancer. This form of cancer is the most cruel perenggut life after cervical cancer. In Indonesia, the prevalence of breast cancer reached 26 per 100,000 inhabitants. This means that of the 100,000 inhabitants, there were 26 women affected by breast cancer.

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11 Breast Cancer Risk Factors

See 11 risk factors for breast cancer follows:
1. Age
Increased risk of breast cancer with age. Most women with breast cancer over 50 years and older. If you are experiencing menopause late (after 55 years of age), you risk even more. In general, the risk peaked at more than 60 years of age.

2. History of breast cancer
If you ever have cancer in one breast, the risk is higher than the other breast will be affected. Continue reading