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10 Types of Food Efficacious for Men

Fit and healthy body is the dream of all. For this to happen, it takes a strong commitment, healthy lifestyles and quality of nutrition derived from the food they eat.

Especially for men, it is useful to know the types of nutritious foods and nutrition to the body. Below are several common types of food you eat, but some have never known before. But there is nothing bad about eating for health:

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4 Identify Food Headache Triggers

Headaches or migraines are the most common form of the disease and experienced by everyone. Many factors can trigger headaches, such as sinusitis, stress and mental tension. But did you know that diet or the consumption of certain foods is also an important contribution to this condition.

Dr Sunita Dube diet experts agree with the opinion that the foods can cause headaches. ”In addition to family history of migraines and stress, food can account for 30 percent as a cause of migraines. However, other conditions such as hormonal changes, stress, sleep habits, and depression, but a higher percentage is,” he said .

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Food repellent Itchy

Itching in the skin caused by insect bites, allergies, medications,etc., can be corrected with a variety to try this natural way:
- Milk Bath. Combine oatmeal in the condensed milk (milk that hasreduced levels of airnya_ and used for swimming. Oatmeal (1-2small bowls) can also be mixed with warm water in a bathtub. Milkworks well enough to drive the itch in the skin and skin to makemore subtle.

9 Food “Eats” Skin

Who says that wrinkles and black spots could only be removed with a cream or cosmetic plastic surgery. We think it is beautiful and youthful from the inside by eating healthy foods. May be all the food, the “food” for the skin?

1. Beans
Nuts are rich in vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts are a rich source of essential nutrients to your skin as it works to protect the skin by forming a membrane-rich fluid in the skin.Regular consumption of nuts makes the skin moist and flexible so that the arrival of wrinkles can be slowed.
Sources: walnuts, pecans, almonds and hazelnuts.

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Fry Healthy Tricks

Fry is the best way of cooking is not recommended by most experts in nutrition, it adds to the fat content in foods. So what then we have to stop eating fresh fried, crispy and tasty?

It seems impossible for most of us, especially the pristine language Indonesia. I do not feel so bad, we will follow the tricks.Therefore, you can bite the kemripik fried without accumulating bad fats and excess calories in the body.

Kriuuukkkk ……

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