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Moody Condition for Woman

Do you feel quite troubled by your mood lately? Well, for a woman like you, such condition is actually really normal. It is related to the condition of woman psychology. So many studies have found that woman is more sensitive than man.

That is why the woman also has stronger mood-based behavior. Whenever the woman is happy, he can burst the tears of joy. However, just a simple sad story, the woman can also turn to be a crybaby.

Yes, indeed, such sensitivity has some benefits but in the other hand it also has some disadvantages. Control the mood and also the emotion and you will be able to have the nice effect of the sensitivity.

5 Factors that Make Sex More Passionate

Sexual position is not the only factor that makes sex more passionate. According to the findings of the gender of the Trojan U. S. Census, most prefer the missionary position. But sexual position is not the only determinant of passionate sex. Several other factors also determine sexual gratification.

1. Geography
Research in the United States is the data available, Americans have sex about 120 times a year. The same study states, 63 percent of respondents said that still want more sex.

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Problems with the male sperm

How important sperm functions in the process of pregnancy. Therefore, abnormalities in sperm may lead to disruption of male reproductive function. Most cases occur in men are:

* Number of sperm

The fluid released during ejaculation, the man called semen during intercourse. normal semen volume is 2.5 ml. “The liquid cement is pearl white and unpleasant characteristic odor pH 8.7,” said dr. Bowo. Well, the volume of semen is considered abnormally low if less than 1.5 ml. Cement volume exceeds 5 mL was considered abnormal.
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What is the number of sperm for Pregnant?

The sperm are normal and healthy is an important determinant of pregnancy. In each ejaculation contains 100 million sperm. Of that amount, it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the man who only has a sperm count below 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen, it is difficult to conceive. Why does it take millions of sperm that can fertilize if only a single cell? This is due to travel from the vagina into the fallopian tubes to meet the egg is very difficult.
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Spots is Pregnancy Signs?

Most people, especially women, to recognize the signs of pregnancy is still not menstruating. In fact, there are many other signs that indicate pregnancy, including a positive pregnancy test, nausea and vomiting, a change in the breast and nipple, or frequent urination.

Another sign that often makes women do not think you are pregnant is the appearance of stains, blood or menstrual-like smallpox. Usually, there is a bit more, also known as a sign of Hartman.
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Foods to increase husband sperm quality

Food can affect the quality of male sperm. If you fill the emptiness of the house with the presence of a child, try to keep the intake of a husband for the quality of their sperm to stay awake and avoid foods that can cause damage. This report Ana Mantica in Eating Well magazine about food that are essential for male sperm quality:

Fruits and Vegetables
In a study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility in 2009, said the number of healthy sperm is associated with the consumption of certain nutrients. Some of these nutrients can be found in fruits and vegetables. The researchers speculate that antioxidants may improve sperm quality.
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How Long Sperm Survive?

Sperm cells produced by the testicles, or testes. When good quality sperm, then the chances of an egg cell and produce a pregnancy will be even greater. When a man ejaculates and sperm release, how long sperm can survive this?

The answer depends on many factors, but the important thing is where the sperm was located. On a dry surface such as on clothing or bed linen, sperm cells will immediately die so seminal fluid (semen) dry.
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