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Finding Machine Parts Using CATERPILLAR Parts Catalog

Caterpillar is a well known manufacturer for heavy engines and machinery, this brand is known with the CAT logo in large and heavy machinery equipment. There are various heavy machineries manufactured by this company from tractors, excavators, backhoe loaders and other heavy machinery with hydraulic technology. Being the largest manufacturer for heavy machinery and loaders, Caterpillar already made global distribution for selling the machines and parts as well. The CATERPILLAR parts catalog can be very useful for any company that owns and uses Caterpillar machinery in order to find the proper parts for maintenance and also to repair of the heavy machines.

Pain Relief Drugs Trigger Stroke Risk

This is a warning for those who regularly consume drugs painkillers. Recent research indicates experts in Canada, the consumption of painkillers on a daily basis and in high doses may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke by 40 percent.

According to the researchers, patients who regularly consume diclofenac (a pain killer and anti-inflammatory), heart problems, two-fifths higher. Meanwhile, the use of painkilling drugs such as ibuprofen have been associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke by 18 percent.

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Know More About Stroke

Cerebrovascular accident (stroke = English) is a situation that suddenly interrupts the blood supply to part of the brain. In brain tissue, reduced blood flow can cause a series of biochemical reactions that can damage and even kill nerve cells in the brain.With death occurring in the brain tissue will be able to remove or destroy the function of which is controlled by the network. Besides causing death, a stroke could be saved if patients sometimes suffer from paralysis of limbs, loss of speech or partial loss of memory.

The first bout of motion sickness is only attacking the elderly.However, today there is a trend that threatens to hit a girl under age 45 or older. A stroke can affect anyone regardless of age, occupation or socioeconomic level.

In the United States and Europe Stroke is the No. 3 cause of death. While in the world, stroke is a disease of the number 3, which resulted in death after heart disease and cancer. Even according to the 2004 survey, the stroke is the number 1 killer in public hospitals across Indonesia.
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