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This Is The Reason for Children Must Stop Playing Facebook

Fever up now social networking is not the only hit adults. Very often we are, children are still in primary school (SD) was already very familiar to use the sites in cyberspace.
Seeing this phenomenon, a child psychologist Dr. Rose Mini, MSI admitted concern. In his opinion, Facebook is not really for children’s consumption. The reason is that there are some provisions that allow a child to have access to a site that is very popular.

“Facebook is not the use of children in primary school. In the disposition, up must be 17 years or more,” said a woman who is affectionately called Mother Romi when in a seminar on “Children” in Jakarta on Thursday (05/05/2011).
He also lamented that many parents are actually creating an account for their children. ”I wonder why parents allowed. Actually, do not use Facebook can live,” he continued.

According to Rose, one child at a young age, should receive instruction and experience on how to make friends in real, or even make friends in cyberspace.

“The child must learn to take care of their friends, interact with friends, to be learned in a tangible form, can not be in cyberspace,” he added.

Mother Romi said, a reason forbidding children to use up is because the child’s condition is unstable soul, especially in the control statement (statement).

On Facebook, every expression, whether in the form of status or messages can be delivered via text or pictures in a free country so vulnerable misleading. Comments or statement is a potential trigger of conflict and psychological affects children.

“There are some cases, these children reported her friend, the boy who reported damage, then complain to their parents. Finally, the war is on Facebook. But that is not a war any more children, but parents as parents,” said a woman who also works as a teacher in a State University of Jakarta.

In addition, the mother of Romina remember, what is consumed for the general public or the public must have limits. Therefore, encouraged the children who have not taken a step in the age of 17 do not use social networking facilities.

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