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Tips for Healthy Eating Meat

Many of those who still believe that red meat such as beef, lamb or pork, is a major cause of heart disease. In fact, if the meat is selected and processed correctly, can reduce levels of saturated fat in it, preventing premature wrinkles, clogged arteries and high cholesterol. Here’s how:

1. Choose the best. If you want to buy meat, choose a new, fresh, and has the lowest fat content.

2. No fat. As a buyer, you can order lean meat chosen for the seller. Usually in large supermarkets, lean meat is easier to find because it is labeled as “fat.”

3. Discard fat. Cut and discard the fat that is still attached to the meat before it is processed.

4. Boiled or roasted. Sports meat boiled or baked rather than fried, because it will only add fat and cholesterol. If you still want to fry the meat, use olive oil has proven very effective in the fight against cholesterol.

5. Remove oil. Remove excess fat and calories in a grilled meat with tissue oil.

6. Meet the limit. Reduce consumption of meat, no more than a piece of meat or about 85 grams of red meat per week.

It was very easy right? Eating low fat and contain no saturated fat can make the 6 years younger.

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