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Various Causes Headaches

Most of the people whose names never felt what a headache, although the data show that nearly 90% of the population had experienced headaches once or twice a year. Even the headaches become the second biggest reason why people visit a doctor.

Headaches have a variety of species and a variety of causes. To determine how the course management, we must know some types of headaches include:

1. Migraine headaches. Named because of migraine was always on one side of the head. The cause is usually due to hormonal changes and therefore, usually migraine is more common in women.

2. Headaches due to allergies. These symptoms are often accompanied by symptoms of runny nose, sore throat and watery eyes. Emergency may be caused due to certain foods or anything that may cause allergies.

3. Tension headaches. Starting with muscle tension in neck, shoulders and tengkorang as a result of emotional pressure. The pain always starts from the head back, going forward, then both sides of the head.

4. Sinus Headache. It originated from the breast. Symptoms are easy to detect. A blocked nostril or both and the pain spread to the upper cheeks and forehead. These parts will be sore to the touch.

5. Headache with a variety of symptoms. This disorder affects primarily males. Symptoms include unusual pain and usually centered around the eye socket with watery eyes and runny nose.

6. Post-traumatic headaches. It is often the result of an accident, although there have been some head injuries. The pain sometimes occurs after weeks or months after the injury and can last up to one year after the trauma.

7. In addition to the specific cause headaches, there are headaches that arise solely as a secondary symptom of the condition of the body is ill and requires medical treatment.

The following symptoms may be used as a guide for action to overcome a headache:

1. If the pain feels worse in the morning than during the day, then the sign of high blood pressure.

2. If the pain in the head barengi with sore eyes, ears or teeth, usually indicate the presence of symptoms of infection.

3. Headaches that occur after reading too long or using sensory activity in the long-term vision, a sign that something is wrong in his eyes.

4. Tumors, strokes, or it may be difficult to sleep can cause a sudden headache. As a result, the body feels weak and accompanied by blurred vision. The headache begins as a small pain and increasingly severe in the morning. The test is required as soon as possible to determine the cause.

5. If the headache accompanied by fever and stiff neck, is likely to be meningitis. Medical treatment is needed.

6. If the headaches appear suddenly and with great pain, a sign of arterial blood vessels in the brain to rupture. It can be fatal.Medical treatment should be done immediately.

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